Is it for you?


Here's how you'll know if you're a good fit for The Simplified Mind

- you, your company, your team are probably the best in your field, or wanting to be the best in your field.

- You value experimentation, innovation and learning

- You know that resilience, confidence and clarity are your biggest assets at any times, but they are even more needed in times of uncertainty and complexity

- You understand that being successful requires bold thinking, vision and action. 

- You know you and your team, or your family, can't get where you want to go with busy, preoccupied minds; that you need to simplify your thinking to create the future you want

A lot of people tell us recently how much care and focus they put on their body, they go to gym, they eat healthier. Mind needs the same attention.

  • People tell us they are curious about why they do certain stuff, like some people are addicted to chocolate, other people to smoking, or procrastinating. As we get older we start asking ourselves how come we can't deal with that. These people come and ask me if we can help them with these. The answer is, we can't stop you smoking, but we can help you understand how your mind works and alongside with it you might find out what the habits and addictions are and let go of them.

This is not a university course and it doesn't require a university degree. If you haven't been to a university don't worry. In the end this knowledge it makes so much sense that anyone can understand it. It's not for old people, it's not for young people, there is no age limit to this knowledge. This knowledge is for people. It's not complicated, it's rather simple. It's simple human principles and because they are so foundational for humans, when we hear them, we know they're right. It's just common sense.