Meet your future transformative coaches 

Loredana is the co-founder of The Human Potential Academy, an international NGO dedicated to promote mental health and the human potential by bringing to light a new understanding of the mind. Loredana is the co-organizer of the Understanding Human Mind International conference, an entrepreneur, a farmer, a teacher, a humanist. Maybe also a cat...

An avid learner, and a believer in the unlimited potential of the human mind, Loredana studied a wide range of subjects, from Political Sciences, marketing, communication, philosophy and linguistics and has spent almost 20 years building a successful career in media and advertising, where she worked for Radio Contact, MTV and Publicis.

Her career path and her life, changed after meeting dr. Aaron Turner and being exposed to an understanding of the mind that shifted the way she saw life and mind. So in the last 6 years, she leveraged her ability to discover brands and consumer insights into insights in human psychology. She has trained as a transformative coach in the 3 Principles, NLP practitioner, business coach, habits and addictions specialist and SuperCoach.

Loredana called her coaching practice The Simplified Mind, and alongside her colleague, works with private clients, clients in business and sports arenas, women organisations and NGOs. Based in the Czech Republic, she is bringing pioneering approaches to mindset transformation to central Europe, so far working with companies and individuals in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and UK.

Thanks to her work for and within the organisations she observed how the behaviours at the workplace influences the quality of mind and consequently also their productivity and results. She created a program for the workplace behaviour and brings the understanding of mind and the role of thought as the point, we should address the problem from. 

Kateřina is a transformative coach specialising on human potential, mental health - respectively addressing the stress issues, and relationships. She works with adults and children.

She has got a background from PR and Communication as she managed the department for three countries in the biggest international retailer in the Czech Republic, where she acted also as the spokesperson. Her portfolio includes crisis communication, event management, public speaking, media relations, corporate identity and internal communication. She has got few years of experience in selling and later she co-owned a production company working in showbusiness. Her experience from leading a team, solving the issues of the workplace in big corporations as well as small family companies and public relations is a very good fit with many of the demands from business clients.

Kat works with people suffering from abuse of any sorts. At the moment she focuses also on the people with oncology illnesses or their relatives and friends. She is the co-founder of the NGO, The Human Potential Academy, a company promoting mental health. She leads the Star Team, a project for children. And co-organises the international Understanding Human Mind conference in Prague.

She is a Transformative Coach certified by the SuperCoach Academy of Michael Neill.

She has got two children and big dreams of making the world a better place. Loves books, movies, art, yoga and nature. 

The Human Potential Academy z.s. is publicly beneficial non-profitable organisation, founded to promote mental health and means, how to come back to it. At the moment our program is to create an awareness about the only way how to dismiss stress and its results in the society. We work with children and adults. We organise annual conference on Understanding Human Mind, webinars, seminars and other gatherings mainly for those, who cannot reach the service of a coach. Currently we develop programs for work with oncology patients and their families and friends, program for companies and employees about the nature of behaviour and its influence on results, productivity and performance, project of work with educational institutions to support mental health of student and teachers and a project to support the solution of relapse in the prisons.