Find out what we really do 

In the last 20 years there has been an increasing understanding on how the body works. People go to gym, they pay attention to what they eat, and whatever else they do in order for their body to function optimally. What we do is the same thing, just for the mind. 

So, in the same way you wouldn't say that someone that decides to go to gym is ill, someone that wants to understand the mind is not ill. They are just trying to understand the mind better and make better choices. The people that go to gym are physically healthy. The people who work with us are mentally healthy.

Having studied and listened to experienced practitioners, and with lots of help from wisdom, we have developed an understanding about how the human mind works. An understanding that we share with people, predominantly through individual conversations, but also through group sessions, workshops or webinars.

Some coaching assists people in getting from 'A' to 'B', enabling them to create and reach their goals. That can give them more of what they want in the outside world, in order to achieve higher level of happiness and success.

However, if you are looking for a more transformative change - an 'inside-out' shift, a deepening of your sense of self, and greater access to your own innate clarity, inspiration and higher wisdom... then the transformative coaching approach will appeal. Some 'traditional' coaching might happen to get you there as well, but the emergence of the field of transformative coaching means it can happen in an effortless, elegant and truly sustainable way.

It goes beyond the framework of a coach trying to solve your problems and give covert advice and tools, towards transforming how you think about yourself and your world. It's about seeing what we can't normally see and creating realizations and insights.