Performance Creators - 12 months program for MIND & BODY

In the last 20 years there has been an increasing understanding on how the body works. People go to gym, they pay attention to what they eat, and whatever else they do in order for the body to function optimally. What we propose is the same thing, just for the mind. So, in the same way you wouldn't say that someone that decides to go to gym is ill, someone that wants to understand the mind is not ill, they are just trying to understand it better and make better choices. The people that go to gym are physically healthy; the people who work with us are mentally healthy.

People who are extremely successful, in any area, and want to get more successful find themselves stuck, lost in the daily rush and with no one to turn to. As a result, they get more impatient, serious or discouraged. In moments like these, they lose perspective, clarity, freshness of thought, enthusiasm, and all those wonderful things that helped them get in the leading position in the first place. To top it off, as people get swallowed up in their work, they can become more distracted and disengaged in their personal lives. These are the times when their relationships are in trouble, which can ultimately affect their performance. This is true for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, community leaders, celebrities, artists, athletes and other high-performing individuals.

People can get more out of their life if they understand how the mind works. They just seem to be able to navigate their life better. This program is designed to generate the maximum impact with very little effort in a short period of time. Another way of saying "Twice as far, in half the time, with half the effort".

During this transformative program we'll explore where your biggest struggles are in your performance, where your power is and teach you the logic that will raise your level of effectiveness and satisfaction.

During the program, people learn how their internal world, their own thinking in the moment, is the single biggest influencer in their performance, they learn about the only thing they are ever up against in their lives. They develop an appreciation and a respect for the role their internal mental life has in their day-to-day lives and how that influences others.

We simplify, and we demystify thought, clarity, creativity, fear and insecurity by looking at the fundamental principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. And we do all these while exercising. All our sessions will be done while we do sports.

We do not focus on building skills and competencies or changing the behaviour of the leader. We don't give people things to do. There's no homework. There are no written exercises. No exams. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and reflect on the things we discus in our conversations.

That's the differentiator! As leaders understand that there's a bigger variable behind performance and how the whole setup works, their skills, competencies and behaviour naturally improve. Our clients leave our program with an understanding of how leaders do their best thinking and how to point themselves in that direction of their best thinking.

This 12 months Performance Creators program has 5 components:

Suitability meeting

4-day Transformative Retreat with Loredana Popasav held at a 4-star resort in close distance to Prague, Czech Republic

12 follow up coaching sessions throughout the year with s Katerina Cerna or Loredana Popasav, access to The Simplify Mind Online Education content and video database

The opportunity for 1:1 coaching with Loredana (this is included in the price of the retreat)

The price covers 1 person in the program, which is designed for up to 20 people at once. 

*The days will involve:

Interactive teaching sessions - One or more sessions taking place in a more "recreational" context, e.g. a hike or a walk (bring your walking shoes!)

Space for reflection and insight

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