Intuition Management

INTUITION in Life and Management

A workshop dealing with Life and Work balance, priorities in life, making decisions, dealing with stress in general and learning how to use the inbuilt and innate power we all know - the intuition. When people learn how their mind operates their naturally thrive in life and are happy.

The participants can opt for different lenght of the workshop - a one day or two days versions. For 20-25 participants in the venue secured by the company.

What we offer:

  • Introduction meeting with each participant for 30 minutes (we find out what is really needed to be addressed during the workshop from each participant and can change the topics/exercises/examples accordingly)
  • Workshop - 1 day (1 afternoon and following morning), 8 hours

2 days (afternoon, following day and following morning, can be also a weekend) 16 hours

  • Follow - up session with each participant for 60 minutes (we finetune the understanding of mind and intuition and get to very personal issues or question in a session one on one)


1 Day workshop 3500 Euro

2 Days workshop 6500 Euro

Facilitated in Czech and English.

3,500.00 €
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