Leadership program

The State of Mind program designed to introduce a new point of leverage for individual and organizational performance: State of Mind.

A clear understanding of State of Mind is an evaluative tool for performance that is often missing. Most of us underappreciate the huge influence our own, and other's, State of Mind and lack the fundamental understanding to have much influence over it. As a result, we are overly affected by our State of Mind and thus underuse the innate potential available to us for clearer states and the increased clarity and effectiveness they bring.

This program is designed for teams to increase understanding and awareness of State of Mind so that you are able to recognize and deal with its effects better and to live and work in a clearer, less burdened mental space.

The program is split into 3 parts as follows:

a. Understanding State of Mind, and the role of Thought

b. Listening - on listening to self and to others, cleaning the noise

c. Experiencing - applying this new understanding in life, relationships, working environment

You can get twice as far, in half the time with half the effort.

An upgraded level of listening.

The understanding of the inside out nature of human experience.

An understanding of the role of thought in our experience.

What it is and what it's not.

Rather than teaching methods, techniques, or strategies, this program is a conversation focused on a fundamental understanding of a vital framework for clearer thinking that reveals the unlimited potential we all have to achieve the highest level of success and happiness in life. This framework allows leaders and organizations to recognize and address a fundamental performance variable that drives engagement, effectiveness, communication, morale and results without any additional mental effort.

What do you need to bring - your presence of mind in all our sessions.

Timeframe - There are 3 days to be planned in the course of 4 months. The 1st and 2nd day will be consecutive; the 3rd will be at a different date. The location of the workshops will be decided with the client.

The program is designed for 20-40 people

How it works

Suitability meeting

Intake - 360-degree interviews, including a point of business visit for real time intake and observation in participant's environment

Program objectives - to be determined through Intake session, defined and aligned with stakeholders where appropriate

3 days' workshop - venue TBD

4 one-on-one sessions, for each participant, with one of the members of the TSM team. The duration of a session is 90min

All preparatory materials

The amount doesn't include the costs of the venue.

"How will I know I'm being successful?"

You'll feel good. But honestly, not always. Because this doesn't cure the times you feel bad, just helps you understand why that happens and how to navigate those times with more ease.

Everybody that I speak with whether in business, sports, or any other place, tell me that one of the most important part of their jobs is working with other people and that is one of the things that school didn't teach us, even the university didn't teach us. It's not about the subjects, it's how to get around the people at work. We've all seen it that the most successful people are not necessarily the smartest, but the ones who are able to work with other people better and to see the potential in other people, to see the humanity in other people, because the way the mind works is universal. It works the same for everyone.

Is this coaching? On a certain extent it is.

"Is this the same as sports coaching?" someone might ask. People hear about the high-level performing athletes having mental coaching, is it like that? And the answer is - A part of it yes. Think of a sport that has high level mental aspect to it, like tennis, or golf, or hockey, or whatever sport where the high-level performance is associated with a great degree of mental pressure they use mind coaches that use the principles we share here. In the same time, the top of the business world, the CEOs - they don't have people to tell them what to do, they work with people who help them get to the answers they need, who point them in the direction of their best thinking.

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